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Beth is a proud girl guide!

  • Posted on 17 February 2020

I promise that I will do my best

To be true to myself and develop my beliefs

To serve my community and Australia

And live by the Guide Law


This is the promise that Beth recites as a very proud Girl Guide.

Beth has been attending Girl Guides since she was seven and currently goes along once a week to the South Perth group with 20 very enthusiastic girls ranging in age from six to 12 years of age.

Identitywa support worker, Lauren, has been with her for over six years and makes sure that Beth has the assistance she needs to participate in all the fun things on offer, including volunteering for activities such as Clean Up Australia Day and National Pyjama Day which raises money for children in foster care.

“Beth regularly goes on hikes, has learnt campfire safety, how to pitch a tent and first aid; I have spent many afternoons being put in the recovery position!” laughs Lauren.

Beth’s companion dog, Margie, also comes along to Guides, much to Margie’s delight.

“Beth introduced Margie by using her speech device and the girls then had the chance to ask questions relating to disabilities and assistive technology, which was really great,” explains Lauren.

“She has achieved numerous badges for completing at-home tasks, giving a demonstration of her yoga skills, and for participating in lots of camps. Attending these camps away from home has been a big step for Beth!” said Lauren.

After a recent group discussion on inclusion, Lauren shares that it was wonderful to hear the girls’ insightful suggestions for how to promote inclusion for all.

“As much as Beth is learning from her peers at Guides, I think they (and I) are learning much more by watching her many accomplishments. It is my favourite part of our shift to see Beth run into the room shouting “Surprise!” and greeting her friends by name.”

Jane says she can’t highlight enough how inclusive and accommodating the Girl Guides are.

“Beth has different and often challenging health issues; however, the guide leaders and Lauren have been able to find alternative ways for her to participate in any of the activities which might be a bit tricky.

Lauren says that most of the activities do not require any intervention at all.  “Beth is a very clever and brave little girl!” said Lauren.


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