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Deklan is benefiting from his support worker's commitment - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Deklan is benefiting from his support worker’s commitment

  • Posted on 31 January 2017

Providing a range of activities which are engaging and fun for 9-year-old Deklan is the focus for Identitywa support worker, Kimberley.

Deklan has been accessing weekly support  from Identitywa’s Children’s House in Riverton since he was four. Like most children, he loves to watch animated movies, play on an iPad and watch TV; however, Kimberley is always keen to provide fun outdoor activities for him in their four hours together, three times a week.

“On my first day supporting Deklan, we visited the playground at the local park which was busy with lots of children,” said  Kimberley.  “Deklan was not as enthusiastic about the experience as I hoped he would be.  Since then I have got to know him better and I now look for environments and activities where he feels calm and secure.”

“When we arrive somewhere, I like to spend a few minutes to explain to him what we will be doing. This has made a big difference,” she said.  “For example, going into shopping centres was a real ‘no no’ for Declan but recently we did visit one and he was wonderful – a great improvement.”

Kimberley graduated from Curtin University with a degree in Psychology in 2015.

“I worked throughout my studies with Identitywa and, in fact, my experience was so wonderful it has inspired me to seek a career working with children with disabilities. “I just love it!” she said.

It is very evident that Deklan is benefiting from Kimberley’s commitment to getting the best out of all they do together as he is always happy to go with her on their next adventure.

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