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'Disability Safe' workshop valuable experience for Tahlia and Glenice - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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‘Disability Safe’ workshop valuable experience for Tahlia and Glenice

  • Posted on 18 September 2017

Tahlia and Glenice, along with their good friend Karen, attended the ‘Safe in the Community’ workshop held as part of  Disability Safe Week  in September.

The workshop covered various forms of abuse and neglect and information about Human Rights legislation.  It  also included presentations from individuals who had experienced abuse.

“It was very sad to hear about peoples stories of abuse,” said Glenice’, who shares an Identitywa home with Tahlia.

“We all agreed it is very important we know when to speak up and tell someone when there is a problem,”said Tahlia.  “We were glad to be able to go to learn about our rights to feel safe all the time,” added Glenice.  “We also learnt the thumbs up sign is for when we are feeling good and that the thumbs down sign is for when we are experiencing any abuse or neglect.”

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