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Education and fun work experience pave the way for bright future

  • Posted on 8 October 2015

Making the ‘right choices’ about their future can be incredibly daunting for school leavers.  Decisions about whether to pursue further education and about getting a job they will love can be confusing for many.

18-year-old Mark graduated from Duncraig High School Education Support Unit at the end of 2014. He had participated in the School’s transition program which included training in life skills and work experience placements.

For his parents, Teresa and Ray, the focus is all about ensuring Mark has lots of choices and a happy and fulfilling life.

“We believe that it is very important for him to keep learning and developing so he can ultimately be independent,” explains Mark’s mother, Teresa.  “Mark’s short-term goal is to improve his literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for him to eventually enroll in a Horticultural course at Tafe.”

With the assistance of Identitywa’s support workers, Katrina and Krisinda, Mark attends Maths classes at the Central Institute of Technology on Mondays, and on Fridays he works on a farm in Landsdale.  He hopes his volunteer work will help him to get a job in horticulture.

“I like the animals and especially the horses,”said Mark.  “It’s fun working there.”

Teresa is grateful for the assistance Mark receives from Identitywa.

“My husband and I truly believe Mark will reach his goals,” she said.  “Having the support workers with him not only helps his learning and social skills, but also his confidence, which is so important.”

It’s not just about education and work though for Mark. Whilst enjoying lots of sporting activities, he has particularly excelled in Martial Arts which he has been training in since he was nine.  Much to his delight and his family’s, he earned a Black Belt in 2013.

“His success in the Taekwando class has been fantastic and has inspired other families with children with special needs to enrol in the class,” explains Teresa.  “We are all very proud of his commitment and outstanding achievement…just one of many for him I am sure!”

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