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Exciting new opportunities for Benjamin

  • Posted on 22 December 2016

Finishing secondary school has provided some exciting new opportunities for 18-year-old Benjamin.

Supported by Identitywa since he was a small boy, Benjamin has been accessing after school support over the past few years to attend a variety of sporting activities which he loves.

His Identitywa Support Worker, Evelyn, spends time with him each week going to his regular gym session, taking him to swimming lessons, watching him play basketball, as well as working at home with him on various activities such as using his personal calendar to reflect on his day and familiarise him with the months and days of the week.

When it came to life after school, his family were committed to finding employment that encouraged his independence and was fulfilling.

Benjamin’s mum, Debbie, explained one idea they had was for him to work for a courier business.

“With so many people now accessing online shopping we thought it could provide the right opportunity for Ben,” said Debbie.

“We were determined to find him a job that allowed him to contribute to the community and as he loves travelling in the car we thought this could be the answer.”

After researching options it was Bright Skies Courier Services, a not for profit organisation, who provided the perfect position for Benjamin.

Bright Skies was created to assist young adults and people with disability to become employed as couriers.  The emphasis is to ensure they are full participants of the workforce and are fairly.

To enable them to do their job they are assisted by their support workers who also serve as the driver.

Ben really enjoys his new job and he really enjoys earning his own money!



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