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Feeling calm and happy is a great combination for Juliet - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Feeling calm and happy is a great combination for Juliet

  • Posted on 21 March 2018

All smiles for Juliet.

Surrounded by a rainbow filled with bubbles, swimming fish, star lights in the sky and the calming serenity of butterflies is just a beautiful way to spend a day!  Well…maybe not the whole day, but definitely some of the day for 15-year-old, Juliet.

Juliet has been accessing support from Identitywa’s Nollamara Children’s House on weekends for a number of years.  Over this time, she has faced many physical challenges and being able to spend time feeling calm and happy is very special.

Opened in April 2017, the Sensory Room provides a different setting for children, encouraging activity and allowing them the opportunity to explore their environment.  House Senior, Danni, explains: “This dedicated space has truly been a welcome addition to the resources we use in our work with the children.

“You can see in Juliet’s face the emotion she is feeling.  It is just priceless!” said Danni.

“Whilst the room gives an important opportunity to further develop social skills such as interaction and awareness of others, it also provides a space that is warm, calming and inspires lots of laughter, creativity, love, peace and serenity!

“Like Juliet, the chance to experience and share the sensory activities has become a real favourite for all of us as we spend time with each other,” says Danni.

The Sensory Room features:

 A Bubble Tube which offers visual, audible and tactile stimulation through the gentle vibrations caused by the internal pump.

  • A projector which projects simple changing shapes of colour and gentle pattern reflected off the walls and ceiling, creating both a mesmerising and calming effect.
  • A water bed which adapts to body shape giving warmth, comfort.
  • The opportunity for aromatherapy sessions.


Identitywa is one of WA’s leading agencies supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.  With a strong commitment to Person Centred Active Support, staff work in partnership with individuals to explore, plan and design support options to suit their individual needs.

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