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Focus on Befriend

  • Posted on 16 July 2019

Stuart, Dave and John became close friends after they met in 2017 through a social netball game organised by John which brought together individuals and Identitywa staff.

With a bit of help the men catch up for a meal once a month at one of the restaurants in their community.   They have really become good mates!

This focus of building connection is a main driver at Identitywa. The Befriend Staff Engagement Project was initiated through collaboration with Befriend and Identitywa.  It focuses on developing relationships, community connections and social inclusion for the people we support.

A mixed-method evaluation approach was undertaken to gain an understanding of the impact of the project and mechanisms of change.

Recent staff feedback indicated a high level of staff satisfaction with the engagements, with overall averaged satisfaction scores of 88-95%.

Staff self-reported perceived gains in their community connections knowledge (82-85%), skills (79-83%), tools (80%) and confidence (81-84%).

Qualitative data from workshop evaluations indicated impacts in the themes of:

• goal-focussed support
• staff initiative
shift in role perspective
• knowledge of social roles
• importance of natural relationships (beyond services) knowledge of how to support community connections, social inclusion and digital inclusion for the people they support.

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