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The Gloves Are On

  • Posted on 6 October 2014
Dale boxing with trainer in the ring

With a left jab and a right uppercut, Dale (pictured right) begins his regular boxing session with trainer, Paul (left).

Dale’s new-found hobby began with some playful punching around home. This prompted House Senior, Nathan to ask Dale if he’d like to do boxing as a hobby?

“I thought boxing lessons might be a way for Dale to channel his energy into something he does naturally around home, and help tackle some weight issues at the same time.”

When Dale replied ‘yes’, Nathan arranged for him to buy a set of boxing gloves.

Dale’s family also supported his enthusiasm for the sport, giving him a professional boxing kit for his 21st birthday last August.

The kit included a leather punching bag which Dale has hanging at home, practicing with his housemate Charles.

When asked what he likes about boxing, Dale said “It feels good to punch the bag hanging down.”

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