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Harry’s Movie Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy

  • Posted on 7 October 2014
Guardians Of The Galaxy Official Movie Poster

Obtained from: Marvel Studios (

Director: James Gunn

Main Stars: Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper

Reviewer: Harrison Young

In your opinion, should someone watch this movie? Why?
Yes. Because it is awesome.

What happened in the movie?
Boy named Peter, his mum has cancer and she is about to die in hospital.

What did you think of the acting? Who stood out as being impressive?
It was fantastic. Chris Pratt is an outstanding actor.

In conclusion
Group of criminals use their teamwork to kill the bad guy with the infinity stone. Happy and exciting.

Ticked check boxWorth the time and the money


Ticked check boxTake your friends it’s a great film


Ticked check boxSo good I would see it again



5 stars


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