Career Options

Each of our support workers plays an important role in the lives of the people we support and their families.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders work in partnership with the people we support, their families, and our support workers to develop and implement quality personalised supports. They lead a team of support workers in various settings including:

  • Identitywa’s shared accommodation
  • Children and adult respite houses
  • In the homes of the people we support
  • In the community

As an Identitywa support worker, you will play a vital role in assisting people with disability to participate and contribute as valued members of their community.

House Seniors

House Seniors are based in one of Identitywa’s shared homes or in one of our children or adult respite houses. House Seniors provide care to the people we support both in our shared accommodation and in the community. They also work in closely with their Team Leader to ensure the house runs smoothly, and that high quality personalised supports are maintained. As the main point of contact for the house, you will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with the people we support, carers and families. Your roster may be rotating or fixed depending on the needs of the service.

Family Support Workers

Family Support Workers provide support to people with disability in their family home and when they are out in the community.  Your role is important because it helps families maintain a sense of wellbeing, as well as helping individuals to develop skills, relationships and greater independence. Positions are available throughout Perth and are usually part-time or have casual/flexible hours.

Disability Support Workers

Disability Support Workers play a lead role in supporting adults in Identitywa’s shared accommodation and children and adults staying in our respite houses.  They set the direction for team members on each shift. With responsibility comes reward as you develop opportunities for the people we support to reach their full potential through goal-setting and individual planning. Along with supporting daily needs, you will facilitate  active participation in the community. You will generally work a rotating roster of shifts which run from approximately 6am–2pm or 2pm–10pm.

Sleep Shift or Night Awake

Sleep Shift or Night Awake employees provide night time support to individuals  in Identitywa’s shared  accommodation and in our children’s and adult respite houses. You will be responsible for ensuring that each person’s medical, personal and domestic support needs are attended to throughout the night. You play a valued role in creating a warm, homely environment for them. Shifts usually operate on a rotating roster and run from approximately 10pm – 8.30am for Sleep Shift and 10pm – 6.30am for Night Awake.


HELPFUL INFORMATION: Care Career Disability Induction Program