Identitywa will support you with your National Disability Insurance Scheme journey.

Identitywa offers one-on-one pre-planning sessions to assist you to prepare for your first meeting with the NDIA planner.   Our staff will give you support and guidance to explore your possibilities for the future, consolidate your current and future goals and ensure that your immediate support needs are accommodated. Our staff member will also attend your NDIA meetings if you wish.

Just call 9474 3303 to speak to one of our team.

You can also download  NDIS Planning Tools to help you think about how you would like your life to be and the supports you may require to meet your goals.

 What is the NDIS?

The NDIS draws together eligibility, allocation, and funding of all disability-related supports under one scheme.

NDIS support focuses on the goals a person identifies as being important to them.  The goals are written in a person’s NDIS plan and it is only through this annual plan that funding for disability support becomes available.

The amount of funding each person receives will depend on their individual goals, needs and the types and cost of supports they have in their individual plan.

What’s happening with the NDIS in WA now?

In December 2017, it was announced that the Commonwealth Government’s National Disability Insurance Agency will operate the NDIS in Western Australia for the future.  This brings to a close the WA NDIS trial conducted by the former Disability Services Commission.

When can I access the NDIS? 

The NDIS will continue to roll out across WA, with all eligible people being able to access to the Scheme by 30 June 2020.  See the metropolitan area Roll-out map here.

I have a WA NDIS plan with Disability Services, what happens to me?

  • Your WA NDIS plan will be transferred to the NDIA between 1 April and 31 December 2018.
  • Your local coordinator will be in contact with you well before it’s time for your plan to transfer to the NDIA
  • Identitywa Planning Officers and Team Leaders will provide the additional information the local coordinator needs to successfully and seamlessly transfer your plan. Identitywa will support you throughout the transfer.

This will include people in Armadale, Cockburn, Kwinana, Lower South West, Mandurah, Murray, Rockingham and Serpentine-Jarrahdale.

 I have an NDIS plan with the NDIA in Midland, what happens to me?

  • There are no changes to your arrangements. Identitywa will continue to provide you with the support you request.
  • Identitywa Team Leaders will assist you with the reviews of your existing plan and pre-planning in advance of the development of your new plan with the NDIA.

This includes people in the Perth Hills, Bayswater, Bassendean, Chittering, Toodyay, Northam and York local government areas.

I don’t have any NDIS plan at all yet, what happens to me?

  • If you are already receiving disability supports, both Disability Services and Identitywa will be in contact with you when it is time for you to engage with the NDIS.
  • If you have not previously been in receipt of disability supports, contact an Identitywa Planning Officer on 9474 3303 / reception@identitywa.com.au
  • Arrange one-on-one pre-planning sessions with Identitywa. Our staff will assist you to prepare for your first meeting with the NDIA planner by helping you to shape your current and future goals and ensure your immediate support needs can be met.
  • We will work in partnership with you across the life of your plan, ensuring your supports are tailored to suit your unique situation and that of your family.

I don’t want to join the NDIS, do I have to?

If you are eligible for the NDIS and wish to continue to receive disability-related supports, you must participate in the NDIS when your suburb rolls into the scheme.

I don’t know if I will be eligible for the NDIS, what should I do?

  • Almost everyone currently receiving disability supports will be eligible for the NDIS. If you are uncertain or have any concerns, your Identitywa Team Leader will help you.
  • For the few people who will not be NDIS eligible, although they will not be part of the Scheme the governments have given a commitment for their current level of support to continue. Individuals receiving support from Identitywa now who are not eligible for the NDIS can continue to receive their support from Identitywa if they choose to.
  • If you have never sought disability services before, contact us and we will assist you to apply to the relevant agency.
  • Read more about eligibility for the NDIS here.

How else can Identitywa assist me?

Identitywa can provide you with support in pre-planning, attending NDIA planning sessions with you and plan review stages if you wish.

Identitywa provides disability support to individuals and their families and is registered for a range of living and community supports for children and adults, assistance to individuals to manage their funding packages and plan coordination.

Identitywa Planning Officers and Team Leaders will also explore with you how different plan management options may assist you to achieve your goals, build your skills and enable you to exercise the choice and control you seek.

You can engage us whatever your choice or combination of plan management arrangements:

  • Self-manage your funds
  • Engage Identitywa to manage your funding package for you
  • Have Identitywa provide your supports through NDIA managed funds

To learn more about how we can help, please call us on 9474 3303 or email reception@identitywa.com.au to arrange a home visit.

Where can I learn more?

Contact Identitywa on 9474 3303 / reception@identitywa.com.au to talk with one of our team, plus there’s lots of fact sheets and news at www.ndis.gov.au.