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How Identitywa can help you - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

How Identitywa can help you

Identitywa offers one-on-one pre-planning sessions to assist you to prepare for your NDIS meeting.  Our staff will give you support and guidance to explore your possibilities for the future, consolidate your current and future goals and ensure that your immediate support needs are accommodated.  If you prefer that your existing services continue unchanged, Identitywa will work to achieve that.  Our staff member would welcome attending your NDIS meeting with you.  Download our helpful NDIS planning workbook here.

Identitywa provides disability support to individuals and their families and is registered for a range of core and capacity building supports for children and adults, in home and the community.  View the list of our NDIS-registered supports here.

Individuals who have Support Coordination funded in their NDIS plan, can engage an Identitywa coordinator to help them and their family to understand the NDIS, connect with a range of disability service providers and maximise their opportunities.

Identitywa staff will also explore with you how different plan management options may assist you to achieve your goals, build your skills and enable you to exercise the choice and control you seek.  You can engage us whatever your choice or combination of plan management arrangements.

If you are interested in exploring options for shared living with Identitywa, you can read about our vacancies here.

To learn more about how we can help, just call us on 9474 3303 or email to have a chat or to arrange a home visit.