SymbolThe Review Team (including our Clinical Nurse, Coordinators and Engagement Leader) mapped out all the processes we follow in relation to medication administration. This included how we give medication to people and how we deal with medication incidents.

SymbolWe then spoke to staff who actually deliver the service to the people we support to make sure our maps reflected what they actually did. While we did this, staff had lots of ideas on how we could make things better for our customers.

SymbolWe then asked some customers and families what their experiences were in relation to our medication procedures. They told us what was good and bad, what was important to them, and what an ‘ideal’ process would look like.

SymbolThe Review Team got together again with all the information they had gathered and worked out what had to change to ensure a better experience for our customers.

FillerAgreeing on the purpose for each process helped us do this. The purpose is always from a customer’s perspective.

SymbolWe’re in the process of putting these changes into practice and will keep monitoring them to make sure they meet what matters to our customers.


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