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Positive Behaviour Support - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) aims to improve the quality of life of the participant and to reduce the impact of behaviours of concern.  PBS practitioners seek to understand the underlying reason for a participant’s behaviours of concern and how they can be addressed.

Loula Athanasiadis

Qualifications: Double major in Psychology and Counselling (Honours degree in Psychology) Edith Cowan University.

Expertise / Interests: I originally qualified as a remedial, soft tissue therapist and have been practicing for over 15 years. During this time, I developed a special interest in studying the connection between our emotions, mind, and body, and the importance of using an integrated treatment approach in person-centred care.

Current role: Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, and a Provisional Psychologist

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Jake Gugliotta

Qualifications: Behaviour Support Practitioner (Proficiently Suitable), Provisional Psychologist (4+2) (Ongoing), University of South Australia (Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

Expertise / Interests

I specialise in complex communication needs for participants with a range of wide range of adult ages and varying disabilities including, the use of Modified cognitive behaviour therapy, anxiety reducing techniques, key word sign and dementia.  I have also worked as a disability support worker for children whilst studying.

Current role: Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

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Wasif Haq

Qualifications: Master of Speech Pathology,  Flinders University.
Overseas qualification: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Karachi. Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Ethics and Teaching Methodology (Riphah University)

Expertise / Interests: I graduated as a dentist and worked as a dentist, researcher, and university instructor for three years. In this time, I realised that patients who required artificial prosthesis (dentures) had to undergo additional speech training, but there were not very many dentists and speech pathologists who worked collaboratively and a provided holistic therapy. Due to this service gap, I decided to do my masters in speech pathology. After working as a speech pathologist for a few years, I came across Positive Behaviour Support which focusses on providing a person-centred and holistic understanding of the needs of the person and their environment.

Current role: Senior Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, and Speech Pathologist.

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Shamiso Zulu 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Psychology WIP


I began volunteering in the disability services industry over eight years ago. I was drawn to the sector by its compassion, inclusion, and diversity.

This led me to pursue training in disability support. My role with Identitywa has changed over the past five years as I have been able to develop and grow into several positions, from a Disability Support Worker to a Practice Leader and Acting Team Leader roles. I believe my background in psychology and passion for providing person-centred support has given me a strong foundation for my current role.

Current Role: Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

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