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NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Training - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Training

The NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework (The Framework) will start operating from 1 July 2020 in WA. The Framework will promote safety and quality for people living with disability receiving support funded by NDIS across Australia. There will be changes Identitywa will be required to make to be compliant with the new Framework outcomes.

One significant change is that all staff complete the Worker Orientation Module (Quality, safety and you) before 1 July 2020. The module is an interactive online course that explains the obligations of workers under the NDIS Code of Conduct from the perspective of NDIS participants.

All employees will need to complete this 90-minute course – even non-direct care employees. It is a requirement under the Framework that anyone working within an NDIS approved provider (which Identitywa is) must complete the course. You will not be able to be employed with any provider without this mandatory document from July onwards.

Identitywa will reimburse your time by paying you for a total of two hours once you have provided human resources with a copy of the Certificate of Completion.

Access the course here:

If you have already completed the module, please provide HR with your certificate. It is important to note, as mentioned above, this is mandatory and your employment with Identitywa from 1 July will be impacted if you do not provide a Certificate of Completion.

Please contact HR if you have any queries.