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Training - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider


We place a strong focus on your education and development.

There are a number of courses which direct care staff must attend on a regular basis to keep their skills current. Mandatory courses are Medication Training, First Aid, and Manual Handling.

If you would like to enrol in one of these courses or discuss other training options, contact Angela Bamford, Training Officer on:

T: 9474 3303


Person Centred Active Support resource

Person Centred Active Support is an evidence-based approach to supporting people to make choices and have control in their daily lives.

Below is an online training resource introducting to Person Centred Active Support, developed by researchers at La Trobe University, Living with Disability Research Centre and Greystanes Disability Services.

Every Moment has Potential – an introduction to person centred active support

Medication Training

Medication training is conducted by Identitywa’s Clinical Nurse and should be renewed every 12 months. It is run during Orientation at Head office. Specialised Care Skill Training (e.g. gastrostomy, epilepsy) is provided in services where required.

Dementia Resource

The below link is a very useful and offers relevant online short courses on many aspects of dementia.

First Aid

This course ensures staff are able to administer first aid in the event of injury or illness until the arrival of professional medical help. It is run at Head Office. Certificates are valid for three years.

You will receive email notification when your first aid needs updating.

Manual Task Training

This course enables staff to safely perform tasks which involve manually moving people or objects.  Initial training will take place at orientation.  Additional training will be provided to meet Individuals specific needs.