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Support For Young Adults | Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

Young Adults 15 – 34

Support for Young Adults

Young adults and their families asking the question, what next, can look to Identitywa for support during a time that life is changing and new experiences are wanted and expected. Scroll down to see the support options we offer.

Sharing the journey

We can help you choose a range of living and community experiences to suit you and your family’s lifestyle. We will work with you to plan the life you want, today and tomorrow.

At Home

We can offer help with the activities of daily life in your home, or in one of our shared living houses located across the metropolitan area. We can also facilitate your goals and outcomes as you build relationships, friendships and connections.

Having a Break

Take a short break at one of our (Respite) houses located north and south of Perth.  You will be in a fully supported and interactive environment, building confidence and friendships while participating in experiences and activities that we plan with you.

Fun, Friends and Living

We can support your interests and passions, helping to build friendships, participating in activities you enjoy whether it is at a structured recreation activity or other experiences at one of the many local community venues and events.

Skills for Life

We understand that resilience and confidence builds positive futures. When you ask us to partner with you to support life opportunities in the way you want, we will focus on your plans, your goals and your achievements.

School’s Out

Explore options for life after school, transition to further education, obtaining your driver’s license, work or other meaningful activities.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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