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The AFP, Pokemon Go and doorman duties at the Salvos are all just part of Andrew’s busy week - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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The AFP, Pokemon Go and doorman duties at the Salvos are all just part of Andrew’s busy week

  • Posted on 19 September 2019

An active interest in the Australian Federal Police has seen 25-year-old Andrew as a regular visitor at Perth Airport.

During his most recent visit,  he was taken behind the scenes for a personal tour which he thought was amazing. It included having his fingerprints taken which was definitely a highlight for him along with chatting to the officers and hearing about their important work ‘fighting against 21st-century crime’.

Another great passion for Andrew at the moment is playing the international gaming phenomenon, Pokémon Go.  He was given a new smartphone for his birthday and was keen to know more about the game people are playing all over the world.

Identitywa support worker, Bronte, assisted Andrew to research how to download the app and to create his profile.  Once that was all done, he quickly got to work, getting out and about finding and capturing Pokémon.  Kings Park is one of his favourite places to play and he often meets a friend at Hyde Park where they compete together.

“I like the challenge,” said Andrew. “It is really a lot of fun and you get to meet lots of people along the way.”

When not visiting the airport or playing Pokémon, Andrew has a job volunteering at his local Salvation Army shop which he really enjoys too.  Each week he goes with Bronte to the store where he has the job of being a ‘doorman’ – welcoming people to the shop.

Salvo’s manager, Jake Eddy, says it is great to have Andrew’s help.

“We are an inclusive organisation and it’s wonderful to have Andrew as one of our team members.”

Andrew loves it too and sees it as a great opportunity to contribute.

“I like collaborating,” said Andrew.  “Everyone here is really nice and helpful.”

Andrew with Jake from the Salvos

Andrew with Jake from the Salvos

Behind the scenes at the AFP

Behind the scenes at the AFP

Andrew and Bronte

Andrew and Bronte









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