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Today I pledge…

  • Posted on 5 September 2014
Harry and Bettina holding the pledges turned artwork.

After sharing a bit about his life with Emmanuel Catholic College students, Harry Young (pictured left) asked them to sign a pledge.

Around 100 of them agreed to “smile, laugh and enjoy life with all people living with disability.”

Bettina Ellis (pictured right) then transformed the pledges into a work of art, prompting ECC’s Campus Minister, Marie French to say, “Sometimes my job gives me real pure unadulterated joy and seeing that plaque was one of those moments.”

Mrs French expressed her gratitude towards Harry and Bettina saying the artwork would displayed in a “prominent place in the College library”.

Bettina's artwork created from student pledges.






The artwork that Bettina created from 100 pledge signatures

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