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Artistic Innovation

  • Posted on 11 December 2014
Tree made from paper rolls

Taryn Dallas-Haynes won the Innovation category in our Employee Excellence Awards. The way she supported housemates, Jo and Elsa to create the artworks pictured (above) gives us an insight into her approach.

Over several months, Elsa created a peacock wreath and a 1.5m tree made of paper rolls (left). Jo assembled 20 kit storage boxes, transforming them with chic cottage designs.



Elsa's peacock wreath

Elsa’s peacock wreath

Taryn devised methods to suit Elsa and Jo’s preferred ways of working. She explained, “Sometimes a sponge or gloves works better than a brush. It’s a matter of trial and error to find the best method.”

To make circles on the wreath, Elsa used half an onion. Taryn said, “We just used what was at hand. We stamped a couple together then Elsa got into the rhythm of it.”

Taryn also tried alternatives before settling on a Scholl heel file to help Jo sand the edge of the boxes. “Jo’s touch was too heavy to use sandpaper. A nail file was taking too long. The heel file was easy and suited the way Jo works.”



Jo's storage boxes

Jo’s storage boxes

Taryn said, “It takes a lot of patience from Elsa and Jo to do these activities, so they had to be interested in them to keep going.

I knew Elsa was interested because she would wake me up on sleep shift in the middle of the night wanting to do craft. She stayed with her tree project for seven months, cutting paper rolls, painting and gluing a little bit at a time.”

The results of Elsa and Jo’s labour are stunning but in terms of supporting people to create them, Taryn says, “I’m not an artist. Anyone could do it. I just followed tutorials on Youtube and they’re available to anyone.”

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