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Blankets, hats, scarfs and lots of ice make for a fantastic day out - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Blankets, hats, scarfs and lots of ice make for a fantastic day out

  • Posted on 27 February 2017

Morrison collage

Packing for an excursion in February doesn’t usually include extra clothes and blankets to keep warm…that is, unless you are going ice skating!

For Joe and Gloria who share an Identitywa home, that is exactly what they did.  Staff who support them wanted to take them on an adventure, an activity that was exciting and gave them an opportunity to do something they might never think of trying.

As experienced ice skaters, support workers Noelle and Emily, decided to head to Xtreme Ice Arena in Mirrabooka where they put Gloria and Joe on the ice in their wheelchairs.  From there the fun started; Gloria and Joe loved it!

“It’s beautiful, so nice and cold,” said Gloria.  “I loved having my wheelchair pushed around the ice and the girls spinning me around, and I loved having my photo taken!”

“In addition to organising regular activities such as having picnics in the local parks, going swimming, listening to music, shopping, dining out and going for walks, our support team are always actively sourcing and organising activities which offer opportunities that might not have been tried before,” said Noelle.

“Of course, all our excursions need to be well planned -this one in particular, as we had to make sure we had enough staff who could confidently skate and we needed to make sure the ice rink was wheelchair friendly and safe.  Oh, and not to forget, packing the blankets, hats and scarfs!

The whole experience has left Gloria and Joe wanting more.  So the next visit to the rink is going to be booked very soon.






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