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Cameron’s Flying High

  • Posted on 2 December 2013
Cameron on the viewing deck

Cameron Howell (pictured left) and Family Support Worker, Tamara Lipscombe often spend their time together cooking pancakes or painting and drawing.

During their time together, it soon became apparent that Cameron had a fascination with planes. He would often asked Tamara to draw a plane and then write ‘plane’ next to it or give the plane a ‘face’.

Last November, Tamara suggested they go and see the real thing, and together made their way to the viewing deck at Perth’s International Airport.

While Cameron can sometimes be a bit anxious in places with lots of people, at the airport it was different. They watched the planes come and go for over an hour and as Tamara described, “Cameron was jumping up and down with excitement. He was so engaged he couldn’t take his eyes away.”

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