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You Can Always Count On Family

  • Posted on 29 July 2014
Bettina feeding her baby nephew

This is me feeding my baby nephew

I do have a family that supports me while I live in Identitywa. Although it was difficult for me to adjust to living here, I can always count on my mother and the rest of my family to help me. I have a brother and sister-in-law. They recently got married and have a son – my nephew.

My nephew is now going to day care. He is also learning to swim with his mum and dad.

My mum lives 10 minutes away from me. That means I get to spend time with my mum.

My brother finally decided to return back into Perth. He now has an apartment next to Karrinyup. He has a room-mate. My brother spent his 30th birthday at his apartment. He also went after a job known as fly-in and fly-out.

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