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Catholic Social Teaching shared with Identitywa staff - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Catholic Social Teaching shared with Identitywa staff

  • Posted on 29 January 2020

Terry and Jenni love spending time at the Swan River

As an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Identitywa has a strong commitment to the teachings of the Church on social justice issues. These teachings are about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society.

There are four foundational principles of which are strongly reflected in Identitywa’s Vision, Mission and Values: Dignity of the Human Person, The Common Good, Subsidiarity & Participation and Solidarity.

Examples of each of these values are being included in the internal staff newsletter, Nitty Grit which is published monthly.

The first to be featured was the Dignity of the Human Person in the January 2020 issue.  Terry’s story was shared as an example of this principle.

Jenni and Terry 4

For Terry’s relative, advocate and legal guardian, Jenni Townson, the opportunity for Terry to reunite with his family and to connect weekly with his people at the Wadjak Northside Aboriginal Community Group has been life-changing, not only for Terry, but for all the people involved.

Terry first started accessing support from Identitywa in 1998 when he moved into an Identitywa shared house. Jenni said that Terry has been happy being supported by Identitywa over the past 21 years and has developed a strong network of people around him which has been important for him.

“I am so proud that Identitywa and their support workers have respected and valued how important his connection with his culture is to him,” said Jenni.

Identitywa is one of WA’s leading agencies supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.  With a strong commitment to Person Centred Active Support, staff work in partnership with individuals to explore, plan and design support options to suit their individual needs.

For more information call 9474 3033.

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