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Drew, Michelle and Vic tick off a life goal! - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Drew, Michelle and Vic tick off a life goal!

  • Posted on 16 September 2020
Drew and his mum, Michelle

Working towards independent living has been a major goal for 28-year-old Drew, supported by his mum and dad, Michelle and Vic.

Drew has lived with his family until recently when he moved into his own purpose-built home located at the rear of the family home.

The design of his fully accessible two-bedroom home is very modern, bright and colourful.  It is the fantastic result of great planning, Michelle’s creative flair and Vic’s dedication to detail and is totally suited for Drew to his 24 x 7 need for support.

“This home has achieved the independent living for Drew that we had always hoped one day would happen,” said Michelle. “It more than comfortably accommodates an overnight support worker for Drew and provides everything he needs for his daily living.  Everyone is loving it!”

Drew, who is funded by the NDIS,  is supported weekly by Identitywa support worker, Katelyn.  They have become great buddies as they enjoy similar interests and share the same sense of humour.

“I really love supporting Drew.  He is fun and enjoys most of the things we do together,” said Katelyn.  “I am still working on inspiring his enthusiasm for his housework though!”

A true ‘technophile’, Drew’s life is very full to say the least.  When he is not on his computer or mobile devices watching his favourite action sports, he is busy every day doing various activities including swimming, bowling and just enjoying being out.

“He also volunteers at St Barts each week preparing and helping to serve meals to the men accessing their services,” explains Michelle.  “He has also been taking one of the men, Andrew, for a one-on-one lunch for a number of years which they both look forward too.”

Vic says it is wonderful to see him loving his life.  “We did worry about how he would transition from the home he has always known to his new home, but he never skipped a beat!”

You can see why Drew is so happy as the whole house reflects the love and care that has been invested in it.

“It has been a great relief as Vic and I have only ever wanted him to be happy, healthy, included and surrounded by good people, which he is!” said Michelle.


Drew with his support worker, Katelyn


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