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George Strides Forward

  • Posted on 30 August 2013
George walking around Tomato Lake

George Lilly, leader of the Tomato Lake Walking Group.

In under a year, George Lilly has gone from a standing start to leader of a community walking group.

Exercise wasn’t a big feature of George’s life prior to this, but over a six-month period he introduced three walks a week into his routine. He is also making good progress on his weight loss and fitness goals, but it doesn’t end there.

George is now the leader of a Heart Foundation community walking group.

They call themselves the ‘Tomato Lake’ group, taking their name from the Kewdale lake they walk around each Wednesday at 5pm. George is encouraging more people from the community to join then.

Emmah Gitahi, House Senior at Keymer St, has had a lot to do with George’s new get-up-and-go. Through Identitywa’s Community Connectedness program, Emmah received mentoring from Inclusion WA in supporting people to connect with their local community. this program, along with Emmah’s own initiative, has helped George’s world to open up.

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