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Herbs, rice and flour provide perfect 'recipe' for fun - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Herbs, rice and flour provide perfect ‘recipe’ for fun

  • Posted on 25 May 2016

As part of the commitment to people in Shared Living, Identitywa offers a variety of supports which are focused on ensuring that individuals achieve a great life.  To be successful, it requires high quality assistance by support workers and other key staff.

Manager, Lee-Anne Brenssell, emphasises the importance of providing a stimulating environment.

“Sensory opportunities and multi-sensory environments can open up a whole new world for the people we support.  Providing a stimulating environment has many benefits;  not only can we can better support individuals to develop language through more vocalisation, and increased social interactions, but we can also promote mental and physical relaxation and a genuine sense of feeling safe,  all whilst enjoying themselves and having fun.”

One of the key staff supporting the Shakespeare Ave house is Identitywa Occupational Therapist, Amanda Wong.

Amanda provides a range of activities with the aim of further encouraging interaction and socialisation between Chandra, Marie and Emma and Matt who share the house.

Amanda uses a number of innovative approaches to do this.  A great example is a recent session which focused on stimulating their senses.  It featured the opportunity to touch, taste and smell herbs such as mint, lemon grass and coriander and to ‘play’ with a dough which was a mixture of rice, food colouring and flour.

Amanda explains: “An activity like this is a very simple way for support workers to engage the people living in our shared homes. Providing an experience such as this enables them to interact – passing things to each other, sharing with each other and also giving them a chance to satisfy their sensory needs by tasting, smelling and touching.”

Whilst a little messy, the session certainly made for a fun time for everyone involved.

For more information about Shared Living support please contact one of our Planning Officers on 9474 3303.

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