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Identitywa helps fulfill Brandi’s dreams

  • Posted on 7 August 2015

Whilst regular ‘pamper sessions’, weekend sleep ins, watching TV and clothes shopping with her Mum are things that make 19-year-old Brandi happy, by far two of her most favourite things are her weekly horse riding and swimming lessons.  Oh and there is one more…Brandi loves to laugh!

Brandi’s life has been one of many challenges.  She has cerebral palsy, server developmental delay and extreme brittle bones (osteoporosis).  Her parents have been accessing support from Identitywa since she was one, initially, accessing the In Home Respite Service, then Children’s Respite and currently the Individual Support Service.

Her mother, Jacqui, said that they are very aware of the need for her to participate wherever possible.

“Brandi loves to be involved in the community and participating in activities where she can.  This could be getting caught up in the excitement and atmosphere of being part of the crowd at an event or simply feeding the ducks at Lake Monger,” explains Jacqui.

“Her weekly schedule is very full and keeps her really busy.  She also enjoys regular breaks at Identitywa’s Respite Care where she catches up with friends she has made over the years.”

Identitywa support worker, Kimberley Hampton, takes Brandi to her hour long horse riding lesson each week.  She said the experience provided a great opportunity for Brandi to socialise and have fun.

“She is always really excited about getting on her horse, Poppy,” explains Kimberley.

“I love seeing her joy each time she rides.  It is very fulfilling to be able to support her doing something that brings her so much pleasure.”

Kimberley is currently studying for a Certificate lll in Disability which is funded by Identitywa as part of their Career Pathways program.

She said she was motivated to a career as a support worker by her sister who has autism.

“She is the funniest person I know and definitely has inspired me to follow this career path.”

Brandi’s dream

I would like my life to have lots of different, positive experiences whilst being in a supported, loving and nurturing environment.  I want to be part of the community.  I would like my life to be meaningful and with purpose.  I want to be happy and loved with patient and caring people around me.

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