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Identitywa promotes Cultural Awareness

  • Posted on 29 September 2016

Awareness, knowledge and the skill to work productively in an environment of diversity were at the centre of a series of workshops held in September for Identitywa staff.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts of culture and cultural awareness, the importance of cross-cultural communication skills and encouraging our knowledge of cultural diversity within the workplace were just some of the issues covered in the workshops.

The facilitator, Jan Mantell, has over 17 year’s experience working in this area and now provides training on behalf of the Association of Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors (ASeTTS), a not-for-profit organisation who provides treatment and support to people who have been tortured or traumatised by violent conflicts.

“The workshop gave a valuable insight into some of the strategies we can implement to ensure we are supporting people in a culturally appropriate manner,” said Identitywa Planner, Denise Marley.

“Increasing our understanding of what it means to be culturally competent and how the cultural experiences of others and ourselves contribute to our workplace is vital and the opportunity to discuss and explore our own cultural biases and perspectives offered great insight into how important cultural awareness is.”

Identitywa is committed to providing relevant training as part of its professional development program and encourages all staff to become involved in these beneficial training opportunities.

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