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Identitywa's support definitely the right fit for Scott and his mum, Jan. - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Identitywa’s support definitely the right fit for Scott and his mum, Jan.

  • Posted on 21 August 2017
Scott and mum, Jan, cooking muffins.

Scott loves cooking muffins with his mum, Jan.

It was 28 years ago in 1999 that Scott moved out of the family home to start an independent life in his new, custom built, Identitywa home, which he shares with two other men.

It was a new beginning for the family and from the start Jan has visited every Wednesday, spending time with him listening to what he has been doing throughout his week.

Jan says whilst there have been many changes over the years in disability support, she is very pleased that these changes have improved the choices and control that Scott has over his life.

“I have been so happy that Scott has been able to realise his full potential,” says Jan.

“I really did everything for him when he was at home.  By living in his Identitywa home he has learnt important life skills such as how to socialise with others and look after himself.  He is independent now and seems content with his life.”

“An important part of ensuring Scott is happy is that staff understand him and take the time to know his likes and dislikes.  “For example, Scott loves to contribute to the household by doing tasks like vacuuming, doing the dishes and putting away his clothes…all with a big smile on his face,” says Jan.

For House Senior, Eimear, who has worked at the house for the past four years, the opportunity to spend time with Scott is very rewarding.

“Scott is always happy and really does cheer you up, “says Eimear. “He is always ready to help out which was great when we recently needed participants in a video Identitywa has produced promoting our shared living services.

“He just loves cooking muffins every Wednesday with his support worker, ready for Jan’s visit; which of course we get to share them too. He really is a fun person!”


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