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Freedom and making choices are what matter most

  • Posted on 27 March 2019

James, Luke and Torren at home.

It was in 2015 that Torren, James and Luke moved in together to share their newly renovated Identitywa home in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Whilst Luke had previously shared with housemates before, it was the first time away from the family home for both Torren and Luke.

Moving out of home can be very exciting but at the same time quite daunting.  The opportunity to have independence for the first time, sharing your life with people you don’t yet know, being away from the security of the family home can all be a bit scary initially.

For Torren, James and Luke, one or more of these things have been part of their personal experience.  Having their own home has been overwhelmingly positive and they all agree this has enabled them to thrive and grow their confidence in all aspects of their lives.

“I love my independence,” says Luke.  “I like to cook when I can and am trying to learn more about cooking and making healthy food choices.”

James says living independently has made a huge difference to his life.  He is very happy in his shared house with his housemates, along with his  Mexican Walking Fish, Angus.

“I like that I don’t have to rely on other people all the time to take me places,” says James.

One of the big bonuses for shared living for Torren is the opportunity to socialise with all the different visitors and his neighbours.

A wonderful example of new skills he has gained since living in the house was a recent afternoon tea he hosted for friends and family members.

Torren’s mum, Margaret explains: “He helped with the menu, shopping and prepared the food.

“He is learning important life skills such as the value of money and budgeting.”

Margaret says that having Torren living away from home has made a big difference to their family.

“We no longer worry about him 24 x 7,” said Margaret.  “We have a relaxed life now, knowing that Torren is happy and receives good support.”

All of the housemates like the structure and security of their lives.  They each contribute to the household in their own way with things like weekly shopping choices and keeping their house clean and tidy.

Identitywa is one of WA’s leading agencies supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.  With a strong commitment to Person Centred Active Support, staff work in partnership with individuals to explore, plan and design support options to suit their individual needs.

For more information call 9474 3033.


Luke looking for his next recipe to cook


James and his fish, Angus


Torren is an avid West Coast Eagles fan

Torren is an avid West Coast Eagles fan

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