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Individual Education Plans – A guide for parents

  • Posted on 5 November 2015

Have you been told that your child needs an Individual Education Plan or a Documented Plan?

Are you wondering what you can do to ensure your child enjoys school and gets the best educational outcomes?

All families can and should contribute to their child’s education. You are the one constant in your child’s educational journey, while teachers and even schools can change from year to year. You have an intimate knowledge of your child’s strengths, needs, interests and development. It is vital that you share this knowledge and work together in partnership with your child’s school, to develop a personalised education plan or a Documented Plan that details the best course to educate your child.

A Documented Plan that is developed through family-school partnership has a number of benefits for your child. Research shows the benefits include greater participation by your child in educational activities, more positive attitudes towards school and learning, more regular school attendance, higher achievement and test scores, better behaviour and increased social skills.

In this workshop you will receive the ‘Parent’s Guide to Documented Plans used in Education’ which provides you with an overview of this partnership process. With this understanding you will be able to navigate the Documented Plans development process with your child’s school as an empowered partner. Information on your rights and responsibilities, your child’s rights, and the school’s responsibilities to meet the needs of your child are also discussed.
9.30AM to 2.30PM

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