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Jessica’s Dreamhouse

  • Posted on 25 November 2014

Jess (R) shares a cuppa with flatmate Leo

My name is Jessica

I lived at home with my mother and brother until I was 31 years old. I had a good social life and enjoyed going out to pubs and clubs as well as going out for dinner with my friends.

I decided it was time to move out of the family home because I wanted my mum to have the house to herself. She looked after me and I will always appreciate everything she has done for me.

I was very lucky to have received funding on my first application. After having met people from agencies I chose Identitywa. I moved into a home with three other people in Hilton until my home was built. After about 12 weeks, I moved to Cloverdale. It was a large and spacious house and I lived with three others.

We all got on well, however, Leo and I thought we might be able to live independently. So once a house became available, he and I moved back to Hilton.

We share a big house and have staff when we need them.

My social life has improved. We go out to restaurants, shopping (which I love), movies and just out in the community.

I continue to go out twice a week with Interchange and mainly do recreational activities.

I still have to get used to making decisions for myself that are right for me and I like having people around.

Identitywa has been great to me. I had and have incredible support workers and my life is better than ever, except from the time living at home.

My dream is to meet a man like me (who has muscular dystrophy), who understands my needs and for whom I can cook, laugh and share my life with.

I had a dream that I won $1000 and went on a cruise. Maybe one day it will come true. I am now 35 years old and love life to the max. We only have one life so we need to enjoy it while we can.

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