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Leo and Jess Move House

  • Posted on 7 July 2014
Leo raising his glass

Jess and I raise our glasses to life in our new home

Have you ever moved house? Almost all of us have, and most of us have moved several times. This is the first time I have moved with Identitywa however, and I found the experience a novel one.

In late April, Jess (my housemate) and I moved from a house in Cloverdale that we shared with three others, to a duplex in Hilton. This was after discussions with Identitywa ? around the idea of us living more independently rather than continually being looked after by staff.

That required a change and I had my doubts about moving from a central location to a different suburb, but Jess was all for going and that made the transition easier.


JessIt is also good having someone I know sharing the same house, for having known Jess for almost three years, we’ve established a good friendship and get on well together.

Another advantage to living in Hilton is having my mother living just around the corner, so I am able to visit her house and she is able to visit me far more often now. I had another advantage in knowing the area, for I lived for quite a number of years in Hilton, so I know the suburb well, as well as the bus routes and so on.

Moving means I have acquired more independence and at the same time the encouragement and confidence that being disabled does not mean your life needs to be put on hold because of change.

By Leo Penazzi

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