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My dream holiday

  • Posted on 4 August 2015

Latest entry on Techno Buff’s Blog…My mum and I went on my ‘Dream Holiday’ in December.  We first flew to Melbourne where we stayed with my Aunty Wendy and Uncle Donald who live at Kroite. We drove for 3 hours and 15 minutes to get there. Auntie Wendy finally has a grandson and his name is Ethan. He is a lovely boy.

After some time in Melbourne, we caught a Jetstar flight to Tasmania.  We did lots of things in Tasmania including a tour of a female Prison in Hobart. It was filled with history, very interesting, but scary place. To be honest, it did scare me a lot. Anyway, we left there to go back to Melbourne for a few days.

We then went on our cruise called the Dawn Princess.

We finally made it to New Zealand. It so beautiful, exquisite and everlasting green valleys. We went on a bus tour down to the New Zealand Museum, visited the Hobbit movie set where there were a lot of Hobbit homes. There was one that outshined the rest, it was the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. When I saw it, I felt that I was part of the movie.

We went to Napier the biggest city in Hawke’s Bay region. Napier is a get way to some of the prettiest countryside, beaches, farms, vineyards and shopping in the nation. It is also New Zealand’s Art deco capital.

Our last tour was to Dunedin filled with treasured heritage and the Dunedin Botanic Garden. Established in 1863, it hosts a variety of plants collections set amidst 72 acres of natural beauty.

Our last meal on board of Dawn Princess was a very memorable occasion because our dinner came from Alaska. It was the only time, we saw the entire staff coming out from their duties. They were bringing our dessert know as Baked Alaska.


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