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  • Posted on 5 September 2014

The National Disability Insurance Scheme’s Fourth Quarterly Report was released in August. Key findings from 12-months of data were:

  • Growth in participation increased from 2856 people at the end of 2013 to 8585 people now eligible for the Scheme.
  • 7,316 people have approved individualised support plans in place which address areas such as receiving appropriate services and equipment, social engagement, academic enrolment and job employment.
  • The average time taken to determine eligibility from July to December 2013 was 29.7 days. This number halved to 13.3 days in the last six months.
  • The average cost for an individualised NDIS support package in the first year of the Scheme fell below funding expectations of $35,000, achieving a cost of $34,600.
  • Participant satisfaction was maintained at high levels reflected in the few number of appeals lodged to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – 19 appeals to date.

On another note, Stantons International was given the authority to independently evaluate the two NDIS models operating in WA (the other being WA NDIS My Way in the Lower South West). This evaluation over the two-year trial period will inform the future of disability services in WA.

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