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New business venture gives Rikki the confidence she’s been looking for - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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New business venture gives Rikki the confidence she’s been looking for

  • Posted on 28 January 2021
Girl with a support worker

It has been widely reported that mandatory COVID-19 isolation has provided the time for some people to find new inspiration and direction in their lives.

For 34-year-old Rikki, this has absolutely proven to be true!  Faced with the frustration of postponing her goal of moving from her family home into her own house, as well as searching for a new job, Rikki had to re-think her plans for the short term.

It was a challenging time, but she was committed to keeping her spirits up and made the decision to use some of her NDIS funding to purchase a sewing machine to make some clothes for herself.

Her sewing machine and her artistic creativity proved to be a winning combination which has not yet produced any clothes but has led to a successful new business enterprise making colourful hair scrunchies which is making a profit!

Integral to her success so far has been the dedicated assistance of her Identitywa Support Worker, Stacey.

“I am so grateful that Stacey came into my life when she did,” said Rikki. “What we have been able to achieve with limited resources, has been life-changing for me.

Stacey’s faith in me and her support has enabled me to establish my own business which is growing every week.  She ‘has my back’ which gives me the confidence I so needed.”

With Stacey’s assistance, Rikki is learning the financial planning needed to grow her business and plans to utilise social media to promote her product which has relied on ‘word of mouth’ for sales so far.

The smiles on both Rikki and Stacey’s faces are testament to their strong bond and mutual respect.

“Rikki had a goal and a passion that required belief in its execution,” explains Stacey.

“Supporting Rikki to achieve her goal has required developing an ongoing vision (which is always progressing) and putting her ideas into actions.

Her skills are phenomenal.  She is an incredible teacher who has taught me so much. Her drive and ability motivate me to always want to do the best. I’m so very proud of her,” said Stacey.

Rikki is a great lover of anything connected to the ocean, so the material used to make the scrunchies is influenced by this.

To find out more or to place and order please do so via: Instagram – hairstars21 or email is

Watch there video here.

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