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Peyton really loves staying overnight at Identitywa’s Children’s House - Identitywa - Registered NDIS Provider

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Peyton really loves staying overnight at Identitywa’s Children’s House

  • Posted on 19 June 2018

Peyton enjoying the park with her sisters.

“Peyton absolutely loves going there. She is super excited every time we turn the corner and she can’t get to the front door fast enough!” says Mum, Kristy.

For over five years, Peyton has been regularly “having a break” at Identitywa’s Children House in Riverton.  Initially just visiting during the day, Kristy says the family was extremely hesitant for Peyton to stay overnight.

“After the first time she stayed, I knew that it was a positive experience for her.  Without a doubt respite offers Peyton a wonderful break,” Kristy said. “In fact, quite often my older girls get a bit jealous Peyton gets to have sleepovers on a school night and they wish they could too!

“We live busy lives and staying at the Children’s House gives Peyton some time off from that. It also gives me an important opportunity to spend time with my other children and get involved in what they like to do. For example, her sisters, Dannii and Alliyah, have sporting commitments on a Wednesday, which is when Peyton has her regular night stay,” said Kristy.

Kristy believes Peyton has benefited immensely. “She has become a little more patient and made some friends, one of whom she now attends school with,” she said.

Another massive benefit for the family has been that having the experience of staying somewhere different from home, Peyton has been able to cope better when the family go away and stay at different places.

“Having wonderful people look after Peyton is super too.  We couldn’t ask for better support from staff.   I am so thankful. It has been one of the best decisions we ever made for Peyton and our family,” said Kristy.

Looking for tadpoles in the local stream.

Looking for tadpoles in the local stream.

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