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Speech Pathologists can make a real difference

  • Posted on 28 January 2020

New Allied Health Team member, Nicolle

We welcomed our new Speech Pathologist in January 2020.  Nicolle Chudy joins our Allied Health Team in providing Speech Pathology services to the people we support.  Below are some quick facts about how a Speech Pathologist can contribute to people’s lives.

Did you know? 

1. Speech Pathologists can help people who have difficulty swallowing and drinking as well as people who have difficulties with communication? Many of the individuals we support have or may develop difficulties in these areas.

2. Speech Pathologists are specialists who help people with communication or swallowing difficulties, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing and social skills.

3. Speech pathologists can also provide communication strategies and assistive devices for a person who has significant difficulties to communicate verbally. This can include ‘unaided systems’ like signing and gestures or ‘aided systems’ like picture charts, books, and special computers or devices.

4. While working with a person to swallow safely and without choking, a speech pathologist may recommend changes to the textures of food or drinks, and provide rehabilitation techniques and exercises so that they can enjoy their meals.

5. Speech pathologists work together with other allied health professionals to improve quality of life by facilitating effective communication and helping clients enjoy food safely in various environments so that they can participate and be included in a range of social and community activities.


Identitywa is one of WA’s leading agencies supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.  With a strong commitment to Person Centred Active Support, staff work in partnership with individuals to explore, plan and design support options to suit their individual needs.

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