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Safeguarding the people we support

  • Posted on 24 October 2018

Identitywa staff’s understanding of the vital importance of doing all they can to ensure the safety of the people they support has been the impetus behind Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People training which has been rolled out across the agency.

Facilitated initially by the Perth Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Program, the training is now a mandatory inclusion in all new staff inductions.  Identitywa is also developing online learning modules to complement the face-to-face training.

“These workshops are designed to educate our staff so they are able to assist the people we support with strategies to keep themselves safe and cope with situations that threaten their wellbeing,” explains Marine Re, Identitywa’s CEO.

“We are very committed to providing a safe environment for the people we support and ensuring our staff are aware of early warning signs of any issues.”
Topics covered in training included: “We all have the right to feel safe at all times”, Early Warning Signs, “We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is”, Personal Space (social distance) and safe and unsafe touch.

For more information about the Perth Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Program, please contact Andrea Musulin, Safeguarding Project Coordinator T: 9221 7762

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