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A Week At The Beach House

  • Posted on 10 December 2014

Last week, Mum and I took my baby nephew Ewan to the beach house. Ewan was so excited to go there because his mum was at work. He was playing with toys and going on rides. Unfortunately, he got sick after being there.

A week later, we went to Kings Park to have breakfast. After breakfast, we went for a good long walk down to the water fountain. After that, we walked back to the car park. Somehow I was busting to go to toilet. As usual, I took too long in the bathroom which causes my mum to go batty.

I have being doing some planting of a garden and a veggie patch. I have been doing it since the year 2010. When Trent comes home, I get to have quality time with my mum without Ewan.


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